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Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Sunday

Happy Easter to anyone who reads this! It was a lovely day--sunny but chilly. The magnolias got frozen the night before Easter and the night before my son gave me a digital camera.

I was going to post pictures of the lovely Jane (pink) and butterfly (yellow) magnolias but they are both brownish now. Everything else survived thank goodness. The garden has been a great inspiration to me lately and working in it has been good for the soul, although hard on the body.

We had a family dinner and a special surprise when my oldest son called and said he was on lay-over from his flight from Texas, he is a Continental pilot, and came from the airport to see the rest of the family. What a treat! We were all sorry the rest of his family did not come but the grandchildren wanted to be with friends.

It has rained today and I think the garden looks particularly lovely after a rain. So here are some of the better pictures.


  1. A delightful garden, one well-tended, and it shows !

  2. Hi there - just found your blog! Your garden looks so very tidy - not a bit of ground elder (my personal bane) to be seen!
    Lovely to have you on Purplecoo - and hope you enjoy the blogging!