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Saturday, July 11, 2009

And the rains came....

It has been awhile since I have written anything. I recently was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and that has been a pretty big deal for me. The medication the doctor is giving me seems to be a miracle drug. After a month of taking it I am so much better that it is amazing! I feel like a human being again and life is good.

We are getting rain today and it is wonderful. My garden is parched....even though I water on a regular schedule. Somehow those plants know the difference between rain and a garden hose. The daylilies are in bloom now and they are really beautiful. I had forgotten what pleasure they give until a few years ago when I found one in bloom at the nursery and planted it. I love the more unusual colors and I now have an almost white one with pale yellow throat. This Spring I found two bags of "misc" and planted them, I call them my baglillies. They have had a few blooms and show much promise for good color. Next year will tell the whole story.

There is nothing lovelier than a good rain. This one is slow and soft with "rolling thunder". Several years ago I went to visit the graves of my Mother and Father. This was a full day's trip and the first time I had done so since Mother passed. Afterwards I sat in the little park the they took us to as children and experienced rolling thunder in a way that I had not....before or since. I could almost visualize what thunder looked like as it rolled across the sky. It lasted quite a long time and has stayed with me ever since.

Oooooh, the rolling thunder has just changed to very loud booms! What a treat. I have been reading Edwin Way Teale's Journey through Summer....for about the third time (and the third summer). Teale is an American naturalist who wrote these journeys through each of the seasons. The books were written in the 1950's, a time when I was a child at home with my parents. Though I think what he writes is timeless, it also is close to my heart because as I was growing up I was a close observer of the land. I knew every blade of grass, every rock, every wild flower the bloomed in a part of Ohio that was scarred by strip mining for coal but was beautiful to me. Teale traveled by car with his wife Nellie and drove thousands of miles as they followed the season through many many of the states. It is lovely poetic writing and such a fine thing to read as I live through each season and take a jouney of my own through my garden, the "wetlands" which is close to where I live, and various parks that are close to my home. I would recommend it to anyone who loves the land and nature.

Later......it is still raining and I have been sitting on the porch enjoying it. You can almost see the flowers and plants going slurp slurp.

Later still, much later....it is still raining. Amen.


  1. Dear Gardener, I have missed you. I can sure understand the arthritis. I have osteo and that is not as bad as rheumatoid. I'm a nurse and surely know what you have been through. I am so glad I kept you on my list and even though I had no idea what was going on with you, I prayed. Welcome back just as the flowers are so lush and I can hear the optimism and hopefulness in your words. Blessings

  2. I am sorry to hear about the arthritis and hope your treatment really helps. Funny reading here about your appreciation of rain when it has been pouring down here all day and I have been feeling pretty fed up with it! Depends on how much of it you are getting I suppose!

  3. I agree with Elizabeth about the rain. We have had so much torrential rain with very low light levels and so it is hard to appreciate it, but if I imagine sitting on that gorgeous porch listening to thunder...well, that's a whole other story. Well done for being so positive about the arthritis xx

  4. I have osteo and that is not as bad as rheumatoid. I'm a nurse and surely know what you have been through.
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