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Friday, July 17, 2009

What NOT to do in July

Well, nowwww I've done it....gone and broken my ankle and have to get around on crutches and have a big ugly fat splint on my leg. Bummer! And the doctor says no weight on that leg for 2 months. Whoa! So after a surgery to put in a metal plate and screws, another fall coming home from surgery, and a week of being in shock about "how on earth am I going to do this" I have moved my life and my cats to the upstairs of my house (where the bathroom is). My sons bought a small fridge and put it in the big bedroom, brought up my microwave and coffeemaker, provided me with lunch food and frozen dinner food and fruit and yogurt and just about everything I need. Except mobility.

My dear sister has taken wonderful care of me, my family and friends have come with food, wine and company, Now the cats Julia and Metairie hang out with me and sleep beside me a lot, I know everything there is to know about the current health care reform and debate (plus all the other stupid political happenings). I have read a number of books. I have learned to bathe in a small sink, maneuver a walker and a wheelchair, cook in a bedroom and try not to let boredom overtake me.

Thank goodness I cannot see my garden close up--only from the second story windows--and it looks quite lovely. The daylilies are almost over, the phlox are coming on strong and the summer daisies look good. I imagine the weeds are getting ready to take over and soon all the flowers will need to be dead-headed and trimmed up. I will turn a blind eye when it rears its ugly head.

Now that I'm out of shock and my life has a certain routine, though a very slow one, I am trying to figure out what oh what to do. I have read Five Quarters of an Orange and Howard's End and I'm starting on Deaf Sentence.

Perhaps a post every day. Hmmmm, wonder what new experience I would write about.


  1. hey mate! Keep it up, dont stop posting. You have some wonderfful thoughts here, should keep blogging, for sure! Cheers from NZ.

  2. I feel your pain!!! I hope it heals quickly and easily.
    Keep blogging because I just found you!